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Increasing Aviation Business Value

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Consistency and Value

If something is consistent, you generally consider it to be dependable and that builds trust. How can consistency, or the lack thereof affect the value of your company, and what can you do to improve it? Read on to find out what three steps you should take when growth opportunities arise in order to maximize the value of your aviation business.

Company Risk and Aviation Business Value

There are risks that are specific to your aviation business. Each of these is a factor that a valuator may consider or a potential buyer may look at when assessing your business and can add risk to or detract risk from your company. Here is a list of such areas that should be looked at and many can be mitigated to improve the value of your business.

Increasing the Value of Your Aviation Business

Increasing corporate value. Great idea. Good concept. Fantastic objective. So it seems obvious that if we increase our sales, it should increase the value of our company. Straight forward and simple, right? Probably, but generating more sales is not the only way to increase the value of your business.

Is Your Aviation Business Ready for an Emergency?

The reality is that most business owners are not truly prepared for emergencies. Whether it's a weather event, a fire, the sudden loss of key personnel or equipment, or something completely different, a major emergency can end a business or decimate its value if it's not prepared. Here are five key items that should be on your Prepared for Anything list.

Aviation Company Value and Your Products or Services

When assessing the value of an aviation business, the valuator considers many different factors. Of course, the assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and bottom line are all a major part of that picture, but there are other elements that affect value either positively or negatively. Among those elements are your company's products or services.

The Value of Taking A Break

Did you know that taking a vacation can add value to your aviation business? It's something that many business owners ignore. In fact, not taking a break can have a diminishing affect on value.

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