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The range of opportunities in today's corporate aircraft market is wide. While inventories of many used aircraft models are still substantial and some values are at the lowest point they have ever been, but inventories of other business aircraft are beginning to tighten. As the economy evolves, the right time to buy aircraft is now. With so many corporate jets and turboprops available, it is more important than ever to be able to discern a good buy in order to make the best decision. Cessna Citation SovereignOur knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and changing values can save you considerable money and time---both in the initial purchase and down-the-road, with respect to maintenance considerations, service items, and resale of aircraft. We are constantly aware of the market and the factors affecting it. Contact Avicor

Putting the Aircraft Buyer First

Avicor Aviation specializes in working with aircraft buyers, providing independent, unbiased assistance. Whether it is the first time you or your company are acquiring aircraft, or you have been through the process before, Avicor Aviation works as part of your team to facilitate the process and manage the details in every transaction. If you are uncertain as to which model of business aircraft is right for you, want to confirm your decision, or need to document the decision-making process, we can also undertake an assessment of your travel. The goal is for you to acquire the aircraft that is best suited to your needs and requirements, and will most effectively and efficiently accomplish your missions. Back to Menu

There are many details involved in the process of acquiring a business aircraft or executive jet. Factors such as knowing what equipment and avionics should be on board your aircraft, determining what the pros and cons of the aircraft you are looking at are, including feedback from qualified technical personnel, and confirming clear title before closing on an acquisition are only a part of the process. At Avicor Aviation we represent you, not any specific aircraft or OEM; your best interest in every transaction is our focus. Discuss with Avicor

Experience at Work

Like many aircraft, the Dassault Falcon 2000 can be executive or a corporate shuttle.Our experience includes the full range of corporate jets, executive jets and business aircraft. From turboprops and light business jets, to mid- to long-range corporate jets, converted airline jets, and heavy aircraft, our experts have extensive hands on experience in acquisition, sales, management, flight operations and maintenance. We work directly with both individuals and corporations to acquire and/or replace aircraft, either new or used. In addition, we actively monitor changes in the markets for a wide range of corporate jets, business aircraft and long-range executive jets. Back to Menu

Knowing the Value

A Bombardier Challenger CL605 Executive Aircraft is a good option for longer range flights. Knowing the value of what you are considering buying is important. Especially with respect to jets, aircraft values have changed substantially over the past few years and most have not yet settled into a stable level yet. We regularly appraise aircraft a client is considering for sellers, buyers, financiers and fleet managers. We have worked with individuals, corporations, and airlines on both acquisitions and disposal, and constantly keep an eye on the market, providing us with a keen sense of changes in the aviation world and what is realistic with respect to both jet and turboprop values. Contact Avicor

Beyond the Aircraft Purchase

At Avicor Aviation, our advisory team is experienced in negotiating mutually satisfactory aircraft management arrangements, establishing flight departments, Part 91, Part 135, Part 121 and Part 125 operations. We also manage the upgrading, refurbishment, and completion of aircraft exteriors, interiors and avionics as advocates for aircraft buyers, monitoring the process to keep project timelines and budgets under control. Find Out More

Consider Your Options

Whether you are ready to lease or buy a business jet, an executive airliner or turboprop, or just want to consider your options, call us today at 1-800-563-2359, contact us by email at for more information, or complete and submit the following form: Back to Menu

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