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Jet Completion Management

Through our many years of working with buyers of aircraft, at Avicor Aviation we have managed the completion of numerous jet aircraft. The experience of our completion managers includes full range of business and VIP jets-from light jets for domestic corporations to large, airliner-sized VIP aircraft for high net worth individuals that frequently traverse the globe. We have managed projects at completion facilities in North America and abroad including both new completions and refurbishing pre-owned aircraft.

Completion Design Concept

Completing an aircraft is a complex process that begins with developing the concept of what you want your aircraft to look like both inside and out. Every completion facility has different materials and suppliers; some have in-house designers and some will work with your own designer. At Avicor we will assist you in the development of the initial completion design concept in order to secure suitable bids from qualified facilities, and manage the process of securing and evaluating bids. Discuss Your Aircraft Completion

Selecting a Completion Facility

Once bids have been received from completion facilities, they need to be evaluated. Avicor will work with you throughout the process of selecting the right facility to complete your aircraft. There are many factors to consider in the process of selection. Time lines, the choice of available materials, costs, and the terms of the contract are only a few of the elements that must be assessed. Back to Menu

Managing the Aircraft Completion

Throughout the aircraft completion process we will monitor the process in order to facilitate the completion of your aircraft in a timely manner. This includes reviewing daily logs, following up on discrepancies that need addressing, and communicating any issues with you as per your instructions as well as handling a variety of other matters as they arise. Our completion managers have experience with the full range of corporate and executive jets, and understand the technical intricacies of completing an aircraft to exacting standards. Find Out More About Aircraft Completion

When the aircraft is ready, we will go through it to confirm that everything has been done according to what has been agreed upon so that you will be able to enjoy your jet for many years to come. Back to Menu

Contact Avicor

If you are considering the completion of a new jet aircraft, or refurbishing your existing aircraft or one that you are acquiring, be sure that your asset is being looked after as you would look after it yourself. Call us today at 1-800-563-2359, contact us by email at for more information, or complete and submit the following form: Back to Menu

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