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At Avicor Aviation we specialize in large executive jets and converted airliners---larger airline sized aircraft that have been or can be converted into an executive, VIP aircraft or head-of-state aircraft. Our team of experts has extensive experience with the largest executive jets. Our knowledge is "hands on" in acquisition, sales, completion and every facet of large VIP and corporate aircraft operations.
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Both Boeing and Airbus manufacture airliner sized aircraft specifically for VIP use and several other aircraft manufacturers including Bombardier and Gulfstream, produce larger, long-range aircraft designed specifically for executives. In addition, the full range of airliners from every manufacturer---Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, including any model: 727, 757, MD-80, A319, for example,---can be converted into an executive aircraft. In the current market, many airliners that would be well suited for conversion into large executive jets are priced to move. Some aircraft that have already been converted for executive and VIP use are also available in the market. Back to Menu

Your long-range VIP jet 'home in the sky' should reflect your taste just as your home does.Whether the is the first time you are acquiring an aircraft, or you have been through the process before, Avicor Aviation is part of your team, looking out for your best interests in every transaction and working to get the best overall value when you acquire your VIP aircraft. Discuss Your Options

Arrive fully rested & showered! Benefits of large converted airliners and long-range VIP jets.There are many benefits to traveling across the world in a large VIP aircraft or long-range executive jet. The aircraft can be designed to have several staterooms and lavatories with full showers. Work areas complete with internet access and customized to your work habits can be included. Several lounges provide the opportunity for some passengers to relax, while others meet to prepare for arrival at their destination. Full, hot galleys can be used to prepare and serve gourmet meals. The passengers arrive rested and ready. Back to Menu

A Bombardier Challenger CL605 Executive Aircraft is a good option for longer range flights. Knowing the value of what you are considering buying is important. Especially with respect to jets, aircraft values have changed substantially over the past few years and most have not yet settled into a stable level yet. We regularly appraise aircraft a client is considering for sellers, buyers, financiers and fleet managers. We have worked with individuals, corporations, and airlines on both acquisitions and disposal, and constantly keep an eye on the market, providing us with a keen sense of changes in the aviation world and what is realistic with respect to both jet and turboprop values. Discuss Your Aircraft

For more information about buying a new large executive jet, converting an airliner into your own VIP aircraft, or acquiring an already converted airliner, complete the form below, or contact Avicor Aviation Inc. directly at 1-800-563-2359 or 503-973-5711, or send an email to airliners@avicoraviation.com: Back to Menu

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