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Corporate Jet, Fixed Wing Turboprop and Rotary Wing Appraisal Services

At Avicor Aviation Inc. we have been appraising aircraft for more than three decades. Our knowledge and experience includes a wide range of aircraft: from turboprops to corporate jets to helicopters, for personal use and an extensive variety of business uses. Our clients typically include individuals and corporations, as well as air charter companies and aircraft fleet operators. We also regularly serve banks and other aircraft financiers. In addition to appraising aircraft, Avicor Aviation Inc. also values aviation businesses.

Aircraft appraisals are undertaken for many reasons. Some of the reasons you may be needing to have an aircraft appraised include:

We offer several different types of aircraft appraisals. One of the most often used is the "desktop appraisal." A "Desktop Appraisal" is typically utilized by lenders to confirm the value of an aircraft before approving or renewing a loan. In addition, it can also be a useful tool in establishing the current value of an aircraft when buying or selling. In an ever-changing market, the real market value can change considerably in the period of a few months.Back to Menu

At Avicor, we also offer full, comprehensive appraisals of corporate and executive aircraft. These typically involve on-site visits with direct access to the aircraft, and reviews of documentation including logbooks and other related records.

If you have a need for an appraisal of a business jet, turboprop or a helicopter, complete and submit the form below to get stated and so that we can contact you during business hours. Or you can email us at or call us at 1-800-563-2359 or directly at one of our offices to discuss your aircraft appraisal needs.Back to Menu

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