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Avicor Aviation celebrates 30 years!

Avicor Aviation Enters 30th Year of Valuing Aviation Companies

October 14, 2016Avicor Aviation Inc. has reached a milestone, celebrating its thirtieth year serving aviation businesses, owners and financiers with consulting, appraisal, and valuation services.

"We have come a long way since the business was started with one 286 PC in 1987 and are very excited about our future," said Lillian Tamm, Avicor Aviation's President, when discussing the milestone. "As we move forward, we are focusing more on providing valuations of aviation businesses and related consulting services. One aspect that makes us unique in providing these services is that we understand aviation and know how to translate that knowledge between aviation businesses and corporations, banks, investors and others outside of the aviation industry with whom our clients do business."

Avicor began operations in 1987 when Allan Tamm, the company's late founder and former president became aware of a need for business consulting services provided by a company that understood aviation. Over the past three decades, Avicor has undertaken a wide variety of custom tailored projects, ranging from confidential market research studies for aircraft manufacturers, to surveys for investment firms evaluating opportunities in aviation, to developing business plans and financing proposals for new air charter operators, and aircraft needs assessment, planning and acquisition for corporations. In addition, the company undertakes aircraft appraisals and certified valuations of aviation businesses for buyers, sellers, financiers, and for businesses wanting to understand what their business is worth for a wide variety of reasons. More information about Avicor Aviation can be found by contacting Avicor Aviation directly at 1-800-563-2359 or 1-503-973-5711

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