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Documenting Infrastructure: Part II

✈ January 18, 2017, Avicor Aviation Inc.

Successful businesses are well organized. One of the reasons they succeed is because people know what they have to do and how to do it, and if someone needs to fill in for them or new staff are added, the system does not fall apart. If an unusual situation arises, there is a procedure for handling it.

OK. This seems obvious. And you may think your business has this under control.

If yours is a smaller aviation business, everyone just "does their job" and the boss knows what's going on and is the fallback for anything unusual. If yours is a larger firm, there are a number of people to handle things, train the new guy, or to ask.

Reasons to Document

Some procedures are likely already documented because the FAA or other agencies require it. But there are many other reasons to document the procedures and processes in your aviation company. Here are three.

  1. Maximizing the value of your company
  2. Employees know where they can find answers
  3. Documentation reduces training time and costs

Get Professional

Create a ready reference for operating the business. It can involve every department and function in the business. Gather your key staff together and begin documenting what is not yet written up. Have them ask their staff to write up what they do and step by step how. List form is perfect for this. It takes a bit of effort, but will make your aviation business more professional.

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