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Documenting Infrastructure: Part I

✈ January 11, 2017, Avicor Aviation Inc.

Documenting things-whether in "hard copy" on paper, or in a digital file-can actually add value to your aviation company. When things are documented and that information is well organized, it can make a business more efficient, which can increase value. And potential investors, financiers , bankers…can all understand your business better if it is well organized.

Organization Begins Here

With all the many different facets of a business: operations, financial management, human resources, vendors, suppliers, etc.…there can be a lot to document, and it may be difficult to know exactly where to start.

A great way to start is by sorting out exactly who is in charge of and/or responsible for what.

Depending on the size of your company and how you've grown, you may or may not have developed an organizational chart. If you already have an organizational chart, then it may be time for a brief revisit. Is it up to date and accurate? Have you added or changed personnel or structure?

Also depending on the size of your company, drawing up or revisiting the organizational chart may be something you want to do yourself, or may be something to delegate.

Define Your Objective

The key objective in developing an organizational chart is to clarify exactly who is responsible for what and who reports to whom. While roles sometimes seem obvious, especially in smaller companies responsibilities may overlap or not be clearly defined. But even in larger companies there can be overlaps. This can be the result of growth or attrition. Taking a look at those responsibilities may identify areas that could be more efficient.

If you have a larger organization, then department heads could each be responsible for their respective portion of the organizational chart.

Having a clear view of your organizational structure is a good place to begin documenting your infrastructure and illustrating the organization that exists in your aviation company.

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